Class of 2011


Class Motto: "We all take different paths in life, but on matter where we go, we take a little of each other everywhere." - Tim McGraw

Class Color: Navy and Pearl

Class Song: "The Adventure" by Angels and Airways

Class Flower: Fire and Ice Rose




Kip Albarado

Sean Alfred

Celenia Andrepont

Elyse Andrepont

Adam Angelle

Jeanne Angelle

Bryce Badeaux

Jeremy Barras

Aaron Baudoin

Amiee Baudoin

Chester Paul Begnaud, III

Katelyn Begnaud

Amy Bergeron

Brennan Bergeron

John Beslin

Shea Blanchard

Kelsey Bonvillain

Mallory Boudreaux

Caleb Boulet

Hannah Bouziden

Douglass Bowie

Adam Broussard

Ashtin Broussard

Maribeth Broussard

Erika Buchert

Robert Burkhardt, II

Haley Cade

John Campora, III

Mark Carrier

Jasmyn Chaisson

Macie Chauffe

Lauren Coleman

Zachary Comeaux

Bronson Cormier

Thomas Cortez

Lacey Darby

Falon Dauphine

Katherine Denny

Trevor Domingue

Paul Doucet

Leeann Ducote

Taylor Dupont

Devin Dupré

Danielle Dupuis

Megan Dupuis

Michael Eastin

jacqueline Elliott

Adam Fenstermaker

Joshua Fontenot

Korri Fontenot

Kristen Foreman

Kaitlyn Frey

Malise Gardiner

Chase Garrett

Zachary Girouard

Aaron Guidry

Bess Guidry

Caleb Guidry

Pete Guidry

Emily Guilbeau

Mallory Guilbeau

Meghan Harrelson

Taylor Harrington

Elizabeth Hatout

Autumn Hebert

Jaylen Hebert

Julianna Hebert

Mattie Hebert

Selina Hebert

Sarah Hollier

Sasha Hudson

Christian Hurst

Olivia Jeanmard

Essie King

Taylor King

Caroline Koch

Camille LaLanne

Katherine LaLonde

Christian Landry

William Landry

Taylor Latiolais

Courtney Lea

Adam LeBlanc

Bryant LeBlanc

Cayley LeBlanc

Nikki LeBlanc

Tyler LeBlanc

Joseph LeBlanc, III

Jefferson Lovvorn

Victoria Madson

Mary Elizabeth Martel

Harley Melancon

Jonas Melancon

Kay Melancon

Erin Mendoza

Alyson Mestayer

Salvador Miceli, IV

Jake Miller

Taylor A. Miller

Parris Monlezun

Ashley Mouton

Jessie Mouton

Caroline Myers

Blaze Nelams

Whitney Nelson

Taylor Newland

Dylan Page

Adrian Pellerin

Morgan Perrio

Kevin Phung

Robert Poché

Tyler Pratt

Zachary Prejean

Ian Quebedeaux

Lainey Richard

Tyler Richey

Lance Robichaux

Alexandra Robin

Morgan Robin

Hunter Romero

Joseph Romero

Samantha Roy

Hailey Royer

André Serio

Jayna Simon

Austin Simoneaux

Brock Sonnier

Dustin Sons

Courtney Sprawls

Jamillia Stevenson

Shelley Stroud

Kristen Theall

Ian Thevenet

Alek Thibodeaux

Brandon Thibodeaux

Claire Thibodeaux

Demi Thibodeaux

Hannah Thibodeaux

Kristen Thibodeaux

Aaron Thompson

Jonathan Thompson

Taylor Till

Brittany Toups

Ryan Trahan

Nigel Wedlake

Taylor Williams

Courtney Williamson

Mallory Wilson

Todd Wiltz

Shane Yongue

Christina Young


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TCH's 56th school year

TCH's 53rd graduation class


School Name: Teurlings Catholic High School

Grades: 9-12

Enrollment: 657

(151 Seniors, 164 Juniors, 179 Sophomores, 163 Freshmen )




Principal: Mr. Michael Boyer

Assistant Principal Discipline: Terri Baudier

Assistant Principal Academics: Marty Hientz

Director of Development: Aline Norwood

Director of Athletics: Sonny Charpentier




Board of Pastors

Fr. Hampton Davis, III - Chancellor

Fr. Curtis Mallet, Fr. Bill Melancon, Fr. Thomas James, Fr. Martin Borcherding

Fr. Peter Emusa, Fr. Keith LaBove, Fr. Paul LeFleur, Fr. Robie Robicheaux



School Board 2010-2011

Gabe Fortier (Chair-elect), Ann Dugas, William Dauphine

Marilyn Tanner, Ted Cormier (Chair), Kevin Roy, Estelle Guidry (Secretary)



T.A.S.C. and R.A.B.C.

Brandy Quebedeaux (TASC Vice-President), Christine Angelle (TASC President)

Ann Dugas (RABC President), Estelle Guidry (RABC Secretary)






Student of the Year - Robert Burkhardt                         Teacher of the Year - Roberta LeBlanc             Supporters of the Year - Steve & Laurie Dupuis









Student Council Exectuive Board





Julie Hebert - President

Julia Barry - Vice-President

Meghan Harrelson - Secretary






Hannah Bouziden - Treasurer

Malise Gardiner - Class Coordinator

Lainey Richard - Public Relations


























Homecoming Court 2010


Hannah Bouziden

Julie Hebert - Queen

Samantha Roy

Lainey Richard

Harley Melancon - 1st Maid

Parris Monlezun

Jeanne Angelle

Mallory Wilson

Selina Hebert

Malise Gardiner

Jacqueline Elliott

Amy Bergeron - 2nd Maid












2010-2011 Varsity Cheerleaders


Amy Bergeron

Sophie Comeaux

Lindsey Harmon

Taylor Latiolais

Lani Huval

Rebecca Roesch

Harley Melancon

Allison Hebert

Whitney Richardson

Kiri Meche

Falon Dauphine

Jayna Simon

Cayley LeBlanc

Taylor Miller

Jenci Trahan

Mallory Wilson

Kenzi Bellard

McKenzie Dauphine

Kristen Theall

Jaylen Hebert











2010-2011 Rebel Revue


Cassidy Blanchard

Kaitlyn Trahan

Alana Cousin

Meghan Jean

Emily Drennan

Lainey Richard

Parris Monlezun

Morgan Perrio

Kay Melancon

Arielle Grider

Macye Lopez

Nikki LeBlanc

Claire Guillory

Breigh Anna LeBlanc

Molly Trahan




























Mr. Senior: Robert Burkhardt

Miss Senior: Julie Hebert

First Runners Up: Mark Carrier & Samantha Roy

Second Runners Up: Trevor Domingue & Malise Gardiner

Most Athletic: Samantha Roy & Adam Angelle

Most Beautiful: Alyson Mestayer

Most Handsome: Lance Robichaux

Most Witty: Aaron Guidry & Shelly Stroud

Most Spirited: Mark Carrier & Jacqueline Elliott

Most Likely To Succeed: Robert Burkhardt & Meghan Harrelson

Most Talented: Elyse Andrepont & Roby Poché

























Top Honor Graduates

Meghan Harrelson

Robert Burkhardt

Lainey Richard


























Rebel of the Year:

Samantha Roy and Mark Carrier



Monsignor Teurlings Award:

Robert Burkhardt










Acapep Theme (14th Annual): Wild About Good Grades

School Production (13th Annual) - Little Shop of Horrors









Wacky Awards

Biggest Dare-Devil: Zach Prejean

Biggest Klutz: Danielle Dupuis

Most Likely to get a speeding ticket: Jonas Melancon

Most Likely to become a millionaire: Robert Burkhardt

Most Likely to be late for his own funeral: Courtney Lea

Most Likely to sleep through graduation: Aaron Thompson

Most Likely to end up on a reality TV show: Hunter Romero

Most Fun to be around: Samantha Roy and Aaron Guidry

Most Friendly: Malise Gardiner and Kevin Phung

Best Hair: Parris Monlezun and Caleb Guidry

Best Legs: Harley Melancon and Zachary Comeaux

Best Advice Givers: Mattie Hebert and Taylor Harrington

Prettiest Smile: Lee Ann Ducote and Hunter Romero

Prettiest Eyes: Macie Chauffe and Zachary Comeaux

Class Clown: Caleb Guidry





Wrestling 2011 - Division II State Champions





Lady Rebels Soccer 2011 - Division II State Champions







Class of 2009 Senior Portraits

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Title1 Selected




Football 2010

Head Coach: Sonny Charpentier

District: 5-AAAA

Record: 6-4

District Record: 4-2



TCH Score Opponent Opp. Score
















Carencro - Kiwanis Jamboree

at Notre Dame

at Central Lafourche

at Comeaux (TCH home team)

St. Martinville (District)

at Opelousas (District)

Northside (District)

at Lafayette High

at Breaux Bridge (District)

Beau Chene (District) (Homecoming)

at Cecilia (District)

at Sam Houston #13 (LHSAA Bi-District) - TCH #20

Lutcher #4 (LHSAA Regional)

Neville #21 (LHSAA Quarterfinal)

at Karr #1 (LHSAA Semifinal)





















TCH started construction on their new stadium during the summer of 2010.