Class of 2007


Class Motto: You must be the change you wish to see in the world.

Class Color: Pearl and Navy

Class Song: "Welcome to Wherever You Are" by Bon Jovi

Class Flower: Calla Lily




Emma Allain

Billy Allen

Tyler Anderson

Heather Andrew

Jill Angelle

Alex Ardoin

Andrew Arton

Meagan Aucoin

Jady Bacque

Blaire Bajat

Kathryn Barry

Chris Bartlett

Shanna Batiste

John Beasley

Tyler Begneaud

Lyndra Bell

Joshua Benoit

Kelly Bergeron

Ali Beslin

Chelsea Blanchard

Hannah Blanchard

Phillip Bonhomme, Jr.

Brook Boudreaux

Dylan Boudreaux

Donna Bourgeois

Tyler Boutte

Laura Brewer

Daniel Broussard

Kaly Broussard

Travis Broussard

Alysse Caillier

Ross Calais

Ryan Calais

Ryi Calais

Callie Callais

Alex Cambell

Amber Camel (Guilbeau)

Justin Cantu

Destinie Carroll

Maggie Castille

Jeff Cecil

Brittany Clement

Marshall Collins

Seth Comeaux

Paige Cormier

Sean Cormier

Beau Craft

Dustin Darbonne

Felicia Dauphin

Aaron David

Matt David

Rachel Decoux

George Diggs, III

Scott Domingue

Colin Domingues

Lindsay Dooley

Chelsea Doré

Nicole Ducharme

Jennifer Dupré

André Dupuis

Andrew Dupuis

Lee Dupuis

Maggie Durio

Alana Ebersole

Amie Falcon

Aubrey Faugot

Maggie Fisher

Alex Fitzgerald

Brittany Floyd

Joshua Fontenot

Phillip Ford, Jr.

Hunter Fuselier

Emily Gahn

Michael Gauthier

Eddie Gautreau, III

Brina George

Sarah Goodness

Mandy Granger

Megan Granger

Morgan Grossie

Chase Guidry

Amy Guilbeau

K-Kay Guillory

Kyle Harmon

Sadie Hash

Amber Hayes

Adrienne Hebert

Britney Hebert

Erica Hebert

Kristin Hebert

Mitch Heim

Allyson Hollier

Ainslee Hulin

Marcy Jock

D'Yonne Jones

Janseé Jones

Ginnie Joubert

Michelle Junot

Dusty LaFleur

Megan LaLanne

Dez Landry

Lauren Landry

Jason Lantier

Lauren Lasley

Kylie Latiolais

Allen Latour

Jamecia Lawrence

Elyse LeBlanc

Jeff LeBlanc

Lori Leday

Matt Leger

Mariya Lemaire

Desiree Lemaire

Jontel Lewis

Liz Livingston

Allie Mahfouz

Nicole Malveaux

Samantha Marks

Andy Martin

Dayton Marze

Ben McConnell

Brennen McCullough

Josh McGrew

Toni Menard

Randy Miller

Madison Montelaro

Mary Morgan

Jeremy Morrison

Chelsea Mouisset

Terrence Mouton

Eugene Murray, III

James Naquin

Jenny Nelson

Nelson Newman

Van Nguyen

Jacob Olivier

Spencer Ortego

Trey Patin

Mitchell Pearce

Sam Plauché

Krista Pontiff

Lindsay Primeaux

Sarah Quebedeaux

Jimmy Richard, III

Elizabeth Robichaux

Brittany Robicheaux

Derek Robin

Blanche Rochon

Trevor Roy

David Rozas

Robin Sam

Ray Savoie

Jonathan Serrette

Kathryn Souther

Allison Stroderd

Dustin Tanner

Brad Taylor

Jess Taylor

Cody Thayer

Sophie Theriot

Lacey Thibodeaux

Lauren Thibodeaux

Ross Thibodeaux

A. J. Toce, Jr.

Kayle Ventress

Cassie Viator

Kristin Viator

Greg Vizina

Claire Walley

Thomas Wartelle

John-David Withers, Jr.

Matthew Zaunbrecher


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TCH's 52nd school year

TCH's 49th graduation class


School Name: Teurlings Catholic High School

Grades: 9-12

Enrollment: 683

(172 Seniors, 160 Juniors, 170 Sophomores, 181 Freshmen )




Principal: Mr. Michael Boyer

Assistant Principal Discipline: Terri Baudier

Assistant Principal Academics: Marty Hientz

Director of Development: Aline Norwood

Director of Athletics and Maintenance: Sonny Charpentier
































































































































































































Student Council

Tyler Begnaud (President), Amie Falcon (Vice-President), Nicole Ducharme (Recording Secretary), Megan Lalanne (Corresponding Secretary),

Lori Leday (Historian), Alysse Caillier (Public Relations), Mary Morgan (Treasurer), Ali Beslin (Sr. Class Coor.), Jennifer Dupre (Sr. Class Coor.)



Beta Officers

Madison Montelaro (President), Emma Allain (1st Vice-President), Christina Angelle (2nd Vice-President), Alex Dooley (Secretary), Michelle Junot (Treasurer), Jean Paul Abshire (9-10th Grade Representative)





Homecoming Court 2006

Amber Camel

Heather Andrew

Donna Bourgeois - 2nd Maid

Allyson Hollier

Paige Cormier - Queen

Allison Stroderd

Alysse Caillier

Amie Falcon

Kristin Viator

Cassie Viator

Amy Guilbeau

Madison Montelaro - 1st Maid








Top Row: Jillian Willis, Madison Montelaro, Lauren Thibodeaux,

Janseé Jones, Emily Comeaux, Kirby Davis, Kaly Broussard,

Ashton Vilcan, Elise Morrison

2nd Row: Keith Ozene, Eugene Murray

3rd Row: Kelsie Smith, Kelsie Anzalone, Kylie Latiolais,

Maggie Benezech, Morgan Grossie

Bottom Row: Lauren Hicks, Kristin Viator, Simone Angelle,

Amber Guillory, Cassie Viator, Kristin Latiolais








Rebel Revue

Top Row: Brooke Webb, Heather Andrew, Bethany Lavaergne,

Kelsey Broussard, Danielle Hebert, Elizabeth Greenman,

Lindsay Day, Chelsea Caillier, Mallory Pontiff


Center Row: Lindsey Richard, Renee Melancon


Bottom Row: Katie Pierrottie, Rebecca Miller, Allison Stroderd,

Shelbi Roy, Alysse Caillier










Mr. Senior: Tyler Begnaud

Ms. Senior: Emma Allaiin

First Runners Up: Brad Taylor & Madison Montelaro

Second Runners Up: Thomas Wartelle & Heather Andrew

Most Athletic: Donna Bourgeois & Dayton Marze

Most Beautiful: Emily Gahn

Most Handsome: André Dupuis

Most Witty: Mary Morgan & Michael Gauthier

Most Spirited: Callie Callais & Jeff LeBlanc

Most Likely To Succeed: Michelle Junot & Thomas Wartelle

Most Talented: Sarah Goodness & Dusty Tanner


Top Honor Graduates: Heather Andrew, Kathryn Barry, Destinie Carroll, Seth Comeaux, Amie Falcon, Michelle Junot, Allen Latour, Randy Miller

Rebel of the Year: Emma Allain & Allen Latour

Monsignor Teurlings Award: Tyler Begnaud



Acapep Theme (10th Annual): Wanted: Good Grades

School Production (9th Annual) - The Secret Garden








Class of 2007 Senior Portraits

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Title1 Selected






Football 2006

Head Coach: Sonny Charpentier

District: 6-AAA

Record: 10-4

District Record: 4-0

District 6AAA Champions

2006 District AAA Quarter-Finalist

Last year in AAA. TCH will be in district 5-4A next year.

TCH Score Opponent Opp. Score















Kiwanis Jamboree - St. Thomas More

at Notre Dame

Breaux Bridge

at Iota

at Cecilia

at Franklin

Catholic High New Iberia (District)

West St. Mary (Homecoming)

North Vermilion (District)

Erath (District)

at Kaplan (District)

Franklinton (LHSAA Bi-District) - Triple Overtime

at Jennings (LHSAA Regional-finals)

Notre Dame (LHSAA Quarter-finals)