Class of 2005


Class Motto: "Wherever you go, go with all your heart." - Confucius

Class Color: Navy Blue & Pearl White

Class Song: "Brand New Day"

Class Flower: Red and White Rose




Lyndsay Albarado

Lauren Alexander (Wojic)

Stacey Allen

Andrew Angelle

Kayla Angelle (Lanclos)

Ashley Antoine

Luke Aubrey, III

Jeremy August

David Bandy, II

Matthew Begnaud

Gabriel Begnaud

Nieka Bell

Joel Billeaud

Sheree Blanchard

Jill Bonar

Laure Bordelon

Mary Christina Boss

Channing Boudreaux

Dustin Boudreaux

Kyle Boudreaux

Virginia Bowen

Jordan Brasseaux

Dustin Breaux

Melissa Breaux

Blair Brodhead

Christopher Broussard

Lacey Broussard

Rachele Bruno

Chelsea Cade

Kristen Call

Chase Cambre

Brittney Cardon

Joseph Carle

Kells Castille

Andrea Champagne

Laura Citron

Jared Conques

John Bryce Darnall

April Darrow

Whitney Dawes

Sara Dean

Samantha Debevec

Mark Decoux

Dane Delahoussaye

Brad Delcambre

Nicholas Domingue

Thomas Domingue

Amber Doré

Dustin Dought

Brook Dubose

Jett Dueitt

Colin Duhon

Rachael Dupré

Stacie Dupuis

Jeffrey Faber

Leah Faciane

Anna Forester

York Forsyth

Jenson Schuyler Foti

Ross Frederick

Bryon Gerard Fuselier, Jr.

Camille Gauthier

Nicholas Gisclair

Brittany Goodly

Mary Katherine Griffith

Joshua Guidry

Justin Guidry

Amber Hebert

Jake Hebert

Jordan Hebert

Ke'Oaklann James

John Jordan, Jr.

Armand Kopfler

Pedro Lages

Luke Landry

Kristi Latiolais (LeBlanc)

Amanda LeBlanc

Arthur LeBlanc

Jason LeBlanc

Elizabeth Leday

Chelsea Link

Brittany Litchfield

Bridget Lowry

Philip André Martin, Jr.

Kendrick Matthews

Michael "Mitch" McElderry, Jr.

Todd McManus

Daniel Miller

Taborous Montgomery

Jacob Moseley

Frankie Mouton

Martin Mouton

Aaron Naquin

Colby Nelams

Chase Olivier

Robert O'Meara

Garrett Pavy

Madeline Pena

Tyler Pierret

Harold Register, III

Tyler James Richardson

Cole Ruckstuhl

Jacob Salas

Daniel Saucier

Jeanne Savoie

Chad Songy

Klaire Soulier

Jack Stagg, III

Jeffrey Stelly

Charles Strong

Clara Sylvester

Justin Sylvester

Jacob Tabor

Jade Thibodeaux

Jason Thibodeaux

Lori Thibodeaux

Amber Trahan

Kristin Ventress

Jeffery Vidacovich

Jared Vidrine

Lyndsey Vizina

Lacey Tizzy Walker

Hanna Wildbur

Derek Wiltz

Troy Young, Jr.

Maura Zeik


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TCH's 50th school year

TCH's 47th graduation class


School Name: Teurlings Catholic High School

Grades: 9-12

Enrollment: 625

(128 Seniors, 148 Juniors, 174 Sophomores, 175 Freshmen )




Principal: Mr. Michael Boyer

Assistant Principal Discipline: Terri Baudier

Assistant Principal Academics: Marty Hientz

Director of Development: Aline Norwood

Director of Athletics and Maintenance: Sonny Charpentier










School Board 2004-2005

Bill Allen

Chris Tanner

Linda Campbell

Sylvia Conques

Willy Leday

Wayne Phillips

Mike Boyer

Scott Clause

Faye LeBlanc - President

Fr. Jody Simoneaux

Agnes Malveaux










Rebel Academic Backers Club


Mike Boyer

Lettie Guilbeau - President




















Student Council

Justin Sylvester (Vice-President)

Laura Citron (President)

Stacey Allen (Treasurer)

Chelsea Link (Recording Secretary)

Samantha Debevec (Corresponding Secretary)


Not Pictured:

Dustin Dought (Historian)

Camille Gauthier (Public Relations)

Anna Forester (Senior Class Coordinator)
















Homecoming Court 2006

Melissa Breaux

Samantha Debevec

Hanna Wildbur

Christina Boss

Katie Griffith - 2nd Maid


Blair Brodhead

Channing Boudreaux

Lyndsey Vizina

Laura Citron - Queen

Stacey Allen

Lacey Broussard - 1st Maid
















Lauren Alexander

Blaire Bajat

Melissa Breaux

Kaly Broussard

Laura Citron

Amber Collette

Michelle Courville

Hannah Darby

Callie Dugas

Maggie Durio

Anna Forester

Morgan Grossie

Jansee Jones

Kylie Latiolais

Brittni Leger

Avery Prejean

Amber Trahan

Kristin Ventress

Kristin Viator

Hanna Wildbur
















Rebel Revue


Top Row:

Stefani Dumatrait, Kristin Latiolais, 

Danielle Hebert, Allison Strodard,

Heather Andrew, Alysse Caillier,

Bridget Lowry (Captain),

Channing Boudreaux (Co-Captain)



Bottom Row:

Lindsey Richard, Brianne Montgomery, Carlee Roy



Not Pictured:

Arielle Collado, Brooke Webb, Skye Boyer















Mr. TCH:

Chad Songy


Miss TCH:

Laura Citron


First Runners Up:

Katie Griffith and Justin Sylvester


Second Runners Up:

Hannah Wildbur and Colin Duhon


Most Athletic:

Blair Brodhead, Luke Aubrey


Most Beautiful:

Lyndsey Vizina


Most Handsome:

Chase Cambre


Most Witty:

Hannah Wildbur, Bryce Darnall


Most Spirited:

Nick Domingue, Laura Citron, Justin Sylvester


Most Likely To Succeed:

Dustin Dought, Camille Gauthier


Most Talented:

Kristen Call, Jason LeBlanc






















Top Honor Graduates


Dustin Dought

Samantha Debevec

Camille Gauthier

Liz Leday

Chad Songy












Rebel of the Year: Laura Citron and Chad Songy

Monsignor Teurlings Award: Dustin Dought



Acapep Theme (8th Annual): Ease on Down the Road...with Good Grades

School Production (7th Annual) - Lucky Stiff






Wacky Awards

Biggest Dare-Devils: T. J. Richardson, Robert O'Meara, Joel Billeaud

Biggest Flirts: Madeline Pena, Lauren Alexander

Biggest Klutz: Christina Boss, Katie Griffith, Martin Mouton

Biggest Drama Queens: Christina Boss, Justin Sylvester

Class Clowns: Robert O'Meara, Nick Domingue, Andre Martin

Most Likely to get a speeding ticket: Robert O'Meara, York Forsyth

Most Likely to get caught by their parents: Kyle Boudreaux, Chelsea Link, John Jordan

Most Likely to have a lot of children: Troy Young, Blair Brodhead, Chase Cambre

Most Likely to become a millionaire: Cole Ruckstuhl, Dustin Dought, Luke Landry

Most Likely to become a priest: Jason LeBlanc, Jeremy August, Nick Gisclair

Most Likely to become a nun: Katie Griffith, Camille Gauthier, Laura Citron

Most Likely to be late for their own funeral: Ross Frederick, John Jordan, Laura Citron

Most Likely to sleep through graduation: Matt Begnaud, KeKe James, Whitney Dawes

Most Likely to end up on a reality TV show: Justin Sylvester, T. J. Richardson, Chris Broussard

Most Likely to get married first: Nick Domingue, Melissa Breaux, Chase Cambre

Most Likely to be President of the U.S.A.: Dustin Dought, Cole Ruckstuhl, Luke Landry

Most Likely to be famous: Justin Sylvester, Dustin Dought, Luke Aubrey

Most Fun to be around: Hanna Wildbur, Katie Griffith, Rachele Bruno, Joel Billeaud, Nick Domingue, Bryce Darnall

Most Friendly: Hanna Wildbur, Katie Griffith, Laura Citron, Colin Duhon, Justin Sylvester, Nick Domingue

Best Hair: Jordan Hebert, Frankie Mouton, Andre Martin, Channing Boudreaux, Kayla Angelle, Ashley Antoine

Best Legs: Colin Duhon, Jett Dueitt, Dane Delahoussaye, Chelsea Cade, Leah Faciane, Lyndsey Vizina

Best Advice Givers: Chris Broussard, Chad Songy, Colin Duhon, Laura Citron, Hanna Wildbur, Laure Bordelon

Prettiest Smile: Channing Boudreaux, Lyndsey Vizina, Maura Zeik, Taborous Montgomery, Jett Dueitt, Frankie Mouton

Prettiest Eyes: Lyndsay Albarado, Lyndsey Vizina, Andrea Champagne, Taborous Montgomery, Nick Domingue, Dane Delahoussaye

Senior Teachers will never forget: Robert O'Meara









Class of 2005 Senior Portraits

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Title1 Selected









Football 2004

Head Coach: Sonny Charpentier

District: 6-AAA

Record: 10-2

District Record: 4-0

District 6AAA Champions

2006 District AAA Quarter-Finalist


TCH Score Opponent Opp. Score





28 (OT)










Kiwanis Jamboree - St. Martinville

Notre Dame

Breaux Bridge

at Iota

at Cecilia

at Lake Charles - Boston

Catholic High New Iberia (District)

at Kaplan (District)

North Vermilion (District) (Homecoming)

at Erath (District)

at Sam Houston

at St. Bernard (LHSAA Bi-District)

Erath (LHSAA Regional-finals)

Notre Dame (LHSAA Quarter-finals)





27 (OT)