Class of 1998


Class Motto:

Today is the tomorrow that we dreamed of yesterday.

Class Color: Navy & Silver

Class Song: "This Time of Year" by Better Than Ezra

Flower: Fire and Ice Rose



Jason Arceneaux

Peter Randal Armbruster

Jonathan Edward Ayo

Stormy René Badeaux (Mandella)

Kevin Flemming Balfour

Kristie Nicole Begnaud (Benoit)

Nicholas Bergeron

Mindi Bernard (Olivier)

Elisabeth Boudreaux (Hamlin)

Travis Allen Boudreaux

Erin Michelle Brasseaux (Boudreaux)

Jada Jeanine Breaux (Hickey)

Brandon Oliver Briscoe

Kristin Renee Broussard (Malorin)

Beau Francis Camel

Blake Austin Campora

John Scott Carroll

Leah Elizabeth Champagne (Rivera)

Seth Garrett Citron

Jene Angelma Collette (Boulet)

Jesse Lee Cormier

Marc Anthony Cormier

Andrew John Couvillion

Michael Jacob Cross

Kate Daigle

Eric Anthony Decuir

Wesley Joseph Ducote

Jake Scott Dueitt

Jade Elizabeth Dugas

Jennifer Kristen Dugas

Justin Barret Dugas

Tiffany Noelle Dugas

Patti Lee Duplechien (Rood)

Ryan James Dupuis

Brett William Dwyer

Ryan James Dwyer

Kristin Lydia Elkins (Domingue)

Lori Kaye Farned (Crossno)

Robert Douglas Felder

Melissa Lee Greenman

Alan Charles Greig, Jr.

Myia Allison Guidry (Johnson)

Stacey Nicole Guidry

Travis Taylor Hargrave

Courtney Lynn Hebert

Patrick Wayne Huval

Stephen James Kimball

Jamie Lance Knight

Kristyn Nicole Lanclos

Aaron Christopher Landry

Maria Ann Latiolais (Hanes)

Crystal Lemaire (Bailey)

Jan René Livingston

Lana Anne Martin (Soileau)

Lara Anne Martin (Cormier)

Rebekah Lyn McBride (Hayes)

Jonathan Jude McLeod

Brock Andrew Migues

Christopher Jance Nodd

Joseph Wayne Olivier

Jennifer Lynn Patin (Triffitt)

John Burgess Payne

Karen Marie Peltier (Thomas)

Addie Mae Prewitt

Lesley Delphin Rachal

Kylee Elayne Rawls (Courville)

Kevin James Reed

Cullen Martin Richard

Kyle Ashley Richard

Jack Joseph Roberts, III

Bridget Schexnayder (Lavergne)

Eric Schexnayder

Kevin Michael Shannon, Jr.

Beau Stephen Simmons

Crystal Michelle Simon

Gabrielle "Gabby" Marie Simon (Guidry)

Brandon Michael Sims

Nicole Michelle Smith (House)

Jason Paul Soileau

Misty Lynn Sonnier

Charles Robert Stout

Natalie Anne Stromer (Garcia)

Staci Elizabeth Taylor (Ritchie)

Katie Lee Valentour

Jennifer Mary Vella (Stonicher)

Chad Anthony Verret

Troy David Womack


If you would like your email address listed,

contact us at



TCH's 43rd school year

TCH's 40th graduation class


School Name: Teurlings Catholic High School

Grades: 7-12

Enrollment: 614

(87 Seniors, 128 Juniors, 107 Sophomores, 140 Freshmen, 95 Eighth, 57 Seventh)



Principal: Mr. Michael Boyer (1st Year)

Assistant Principal Discipline / Athletic Director: Terri Louque

Curriculum Director: Barbara Champagne (1st Year)

Development Director: Aline Norwood (1st Year)

Kathy Dodson - Administrative Secretary

Tina Stroderd - Secretary

Jeannine Prather - Bookkeeper

Pat Rohm - Receptionist

Christine Angelle-Religion 7, 8, I

Dawn Aucoin -

Math 7, Religion II (1st Yr)

Kevin Blanchard -

English III, P.E. II, III, IV

Crystal Blatchley - Earth Science, Life Science, P.E. 7, 8

Nicole Blazek -

English 7, III (1st Yr)

Adrienne Brame - Math II, Religion I, Geometry (1st Yr)

Garry Brodhead - World Geography, P.E. II (1st Yr)

Ann Broussard -

Religion III (1st Yr)

Nicole Butaud - Campus Ministry, Psychology (1st Yr)

Sonny Charpentier -

History 7, P.E. 7, 8, III, IV

Chance Delhomme -

Religion I, II, III (1st Yr)

Toni Dueitt - Librarian

Dona Dugas - Biology I, II

Kay Dugas - Chemistry

Lony Fabre - Louisiana History, Civics (1st Yr)

Chad Farris - Introduction of Bus. Comp. Apps. (1st Yr)

Stacy Freeman - French I, II

Kim Hebert - Civics, P.E. I, II

Marty Heintz - World History, World Geography

Dana Higginbotham - Art I, II, III, Yearbook

Vernon Hill - Health, P.E. 7, 8, Physical Science

Bobby LaGrange - Algebra I, Trig/Algebra, Adv. Algebra

Shayree Latiolais - Computer  Apps, Accounting

Robert Lear - American History

Kathleen McLeod - English II

Debbie Mills - Physical Science, Biology I

Monica Mire - English III, IV

Gary Perkins - Math, Algebra I, P.E. II

Rachel Prejean - Geometry, Physics

Anna Proctor - Guidance Counselor

Ella Richard - Teacher's Aide

Milton Rohm - English 8, I, Guidance Counselor

Tara Shamsie - Reading 7, 8, P.E. 7, 8 (1st Yr)

Josette Surratt - English I (1st Yr)

Lien Tran - Algebra II, Trigonometry


Verna Hebert- Cafeteria Manager

Betty Washington - Cafeteria

Eileen Lormand - Cafeteria

Lula Mouton - Cafeteria

Delta Juneau - Cafeteria

Geraline Mitchell - Cafeteria (1st Yr)

Hanley Jacquet - Maintenance Director

Troy Alfred - Maintenance

Raymond Simmons - Maintenance




School Board Members:

Robbie Boudreaux - Chairman, Chris Cooper - Chair-elect, Molly Womack - Secretary,

Judge Sylvia Cooks, Judy Salazar, Morgan Gisclair, Kyle Fabre, Larry Prewitt,

Ken Duplechin, Guy Camel, Jim Thibodeaux













Student Council President: Jené Collette

Student Council:

Stormy Badeaux - Vice President

Tiffany Dugas - Recording Secretary

Mindi Bernard - Corresponding Secretary

Maria Latiolais - Treasurer















Homecoming Queen: Staci Taylor

Homecoming Court:

Erin Brasseaux - FIrst Maid

Jade Dugas - Second Maid

Gabby Simon

Stormy Badeaux

Jennifer Vella

Jenny Dugas

Kristie Begnaud

Patti Duplechien

Maria Latiolais

Lara Martin

Lana Martin










Varsity Cheerleaders:

Erin Brasseaux - Captain

Lynzie Boudreaux - Co-captain

Stacy LeBlanc

Lyndsey Peltier

Patti Duplechien

Kristin Broussard

Lara Martin

Lana Martin

Melissa McNeal

Mia Melancon

Holli Citron

Adrienne Matt







Junior Varsity Cheerleaders:

Victoria Gomez (Captain)

Andrea Duhon (Co-captain)

Claire Calais

Brandi Johnson

Kristin Hammond

Hailey Scrantz

April DeRouen

Erinn Guidry




Junior High Cheerleaders:

Hannah Pierrottie

Caroline Lambert

Ashley Cormier

Katie Falcon

Ashley Faulke

Lacie Forester

Jennifer Ancelet









Rebel Revue:

Maria Latiolais (Captain)

Jennifer Vella (Co-captain)

Erika Comeaux

Rachelle Hulin

Andrea Boutte

Dawn Stutes

Erin Stutes

Ashley Guidry













Mr. TCH: Al Greg

Miss TCH: Erin Brasseaux

First Runners Up: Stormy Badeaux & Kevin Shannon

Second Runners Up: Jené Collette & Jake Dueitt

Most Athletic: Stormy Badeaux & Jake Dueitt

Most Beautiful: Erin Brasseaux

Most Handsome: Justin Dugas

Most Witty: Jenny Dugas & Steven Kimball

Most Spirited: Kristie Begnaud & Kevin Shannon

Most Likely To Succeed: Crystal Simon & Chris Nodd

Most Talented: Maria Latiolais & Cullen Richard






Valedictorian Graduates (4.0): Stormy Badeaux, Beau Camel, Jené Collette, Jennifer Patin, Addie Prewitt, Kevin Shannon, Crystal Simon

Salutatorian Graduates (3.9): Maria Latiolais

Top Ten Honor Graduates: Wesley Ducote (3.87) and Eric DeCuir (3.80)

All TCH:


Academic Pep Rally Theme (1st Annual): Red, White and Blue

School Musical Production: School Musicals started in the year 1999









Football 1997

Head Coach: Sonny Charpentier

District: 6-AA

Record: 8-4

District Record: 4-1

1997 District 6-AA Runner Up



TCH Score Opponent Opp. Score













St. Louis

at Breaux Bridge


at Welsh


Opelousas Catholic (District)

at Patterson (District)

at Livonia (District)

North Vermilion (District)

at Port Barre (District)

Playoff at Buckeye

Playoff University


















Photos from the 10 Year Reunion in May of 2008

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