Class of 1996


Senior Motto:

"People may doubt what we say, but they'll believe what we do."

Senior Flower: Yellow Rose

Senior Song: "These Are Days" by 10,000 Maniacs & "Freebird" by Lynyrd Skynyrd



David Batiste

Dawn Bearb (Frederick)

Jake Benoit

Adeline Blanchard

Daniel Blankenship

Gregory Boudreaux

Kay Boudreaux

Alonda Broussard

Brooke Broussard

Lolita Chenevert (Spencer)

Kami Cormier

Travis Couvillion

Casey Dauphine

Nicole Deshotels

Sara Desormeaux

David Domingue

Kelly Domingue (Delhomme)

Sarah Domingue

Laurin Dugasz

Carrie Dupont (Hebert)

Kristy Dwyer

Heath Fabacher

Marguerite Felix

Blake Foley

Michael Gallien

Greg Grace

Jeneé Greig

Damien Guidry

Melanie Guidry (Latiolais)

Misty Guidry (Gravouia)

Anne Guillory (Fortier)

Eric Hammer

Aaron Hanks

Mary Jo Hebert

Jared Holloway

Jeanna Holt

Matthew Hyman

Jennifer Kern (Baudoin)

Tim Lambert

Jared Latiolais

Angela Leger

Kimberly Louis

Melissa Louque

Kelli Marks (Guilbeau)

Blase Melancon

Ryker Melancon

Joey Moss

John Mouton

Valerie Mouton

Reena Patel

Ryan Pecot

Melanie Phillips

Brandon Picard

Melissa Poole

Billy Posey

Brandy Potier

Will Reed

Robbie Richard

Natalie Shabanah

Kelly Shaw

Marcus Simpson

Shermaine Siner

Dennis Skains

Shane Solis

Allison Stelly

Brett Stephen

Eric Stroderd

Amy Jo Tanner (Broussard)

Lance Tarver

Simone Trahan

Reggie Trosclair

Brett Trouille

Stephanie Verrette

Jennifer Watts

Celeste White

Laura Widman

John Woods

Tracy Young


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TCH's 41st school year

TCH's 38th graduation class


School Name: Teurlings Catholic High School

Grades: 7-12

Enrollment: 449

(79 Seniors, 75 Juniors, 90 Sophomores, 130 Freshmen, 45 8th, 30 7th)






Mr. Bruce Baudier


Assistant Principal:

Marlyn Broussard




Christine Angelle

Jerry Ayers

Heidi Baudoin




Linda Bergeron

Lydia Bergeron

Kevin Blanchard





Jan Boutte

Sonny Charpentier

Cynthia Conque -

Teacher of the Year




Marc Conque

Toni Dueitt

Dona Dugas




Kay Dugas

Amber Dwyer

Al Fadaol





Stacy Freeman

Angela Gallett

Kim Hebert




Marty Heintz

Craig Labbe

Bobby LaGrange





Shayree Latiolais

Robert Lear

Kathleen McLeod





Fred Menard

Debbie Mills

Kim Morvant

Gary Perkins - Not Pictured




Jeannine Prather

Anna Proctor

Ella Richard





Lara Riley

Lien Tran

Troy Alfred - Custodian




Roland Joseph - Custodian

Verna Hebert- Cafeteria

Delta Juneau - Cafeteria




Lula Mouton - Cafeteria

Mary Ann Batiste - Cafeteria

Cheryl Daigle - Cafeteria














Student Council President:

Jennifer Kern


Student Council:

Kay Boudreaux - Vice-President

Dennis Skains - Recording Secretary

Melissa Louque - Corresponding Secretary

Carrie Dupont - Treasurer












Homecoming Queen: Melissa Louque

Homecoming Court:

Misty Guidry - First Maid

Tracy Young - Second Maid

Sara Desormeaux

Jeneé Greig

Mary Jo Hebert

Lori Taylor - Junior Maid

Cassie Champagne - Junior Maid

C. C. McLeod - Junior Maid

Sharelle Menard - Junior Maid

Jade Dugas - Sophomore Maid

Erin Brasseaux - Sophomore Maid





Jeneé Greig - Captain

Jennifer Watts - Co-Captain

Kristy Dwyer

Melissa Louque

April Citron

C. C. McLeod

Michelle McNeal

Sharelle Menard

Erin Brasseaux

Jade Dugas

Lana Martin

Lara Martin





Dance Squad:

Simone Trahan - Captain (Senior)

Brooke Broussard - Co-Captain (Senior)

Dawn Bearb (Senior)

Kelly Domingue (Senior)

Carrie Dupont (Senior)

Melanie Guidry (Senior)

Jennifer Kern (Senior)

Meredith Wilkinson (Junior)

Kristin Broussard (Sophomore)

Patti Duplechien (Sophomore)

Maria Latiolais (Sophomore)

Nicole Smith (Sophomore)

Jennifer Vella (Sophomore)

Dawn Stutes (Freshman)

























Mr. TCH: Reggie Trosclair (1st Runner-up: Jake Benoit, 2nd Runner-up: Joey Moss)

Miss TCH: Misti Guidry (1st Runner-up: Melissa Louque, 2nd Runner-up: Celeste White)


Mr. Senior: Reggie Trosclair (Runners-up: Jake Benoit & Lance Tarver)

Miss Senior: Jennifer Kern (Runners-up: Misti Guidry & Melissa Louque)


























Rebels of the Month: Misti Guidry (September), Melissa Louque (October), Kim Louis (November), Mary Jo Hebert (December), Jennifer Kern (January), Celeste White (February), Reggie Trosclair (March), Brandy Potier (April), Dennis Skains (May)


Rebel of the Year: Melissa Louque


Top Honor Graduates: Melissa Louque, Kim Louis, Reena Patel





Most Likely To Succeed: Kim Louis & Jared Latiolais

Most Talented: Brooke Broussard & Matt Hyman

Most Witty: Aaron Hanks & Tracy Young

Most Handsome: Daniel Blankenship

Most Feminine: Melissa Louque

Most Athletic: Joey Moss & Lola Chenevert

Most Spirited: Aaron Hanks & Celeste White



News: Volleyball became Class AA State Runners Up. Mrs. Kim Morvant was District Coach of the Year. The basketball team, lead by Coach Al Fadaol, were District Champs and made it to the state Quarter-finals. The Lady Rebels basketball team were District Co-Champs. The Rebels baseball team were District Champs (10-0). The Lady Rebels softball team were District Champs and made it to the Quarter-finals at State.





Football 1995

Head Coach: Sonny Charpentier (1st Year as Head Coach)

District: 7-AA

Record: 12-1

District Record: 5-0

1995 District 7-AA Champions



TCH Score Opponent Opp. Score















Hanson (Jamboree)



at Sacred Heart - Ville Platte

St. Edmund's

Notre Dame

at Livonia (District)

at Opelousas Catholic (District)

Mamou (District)

at Port Barre (District)

North Central (District) Homecoming

Playoff St. Louis

Playoff Riverside

Playoff Northeast