Class of 1992


Class Motto: I always knew that looking back on my tears would make me laugh,

but I never knew that looking back on my laughter would make me cry.

Class Color: Navy & White

Class Song: "These Are The Times To Remember" by Amy Grant

Flower: White Rose



Dustin Jude Abshire

Andree Nicole Arceneaux

Terry Lee Bares

Amy Christine Bearb (Keene)

Harry Lee Bourque

Claire Marie Breaux (McGough)

Misty Ann Briley (Herpin)

Erin Leigh Broussard

Gregory Scott Chauvin

Jayna Mel Clark

Scott James Crochet

Anthony Daly

Natalie Nicole Decuir

Paige Denise Domengeaux

Kyle Andre Dugas

Michael Craig Dwyer

Rosalind Clare Foley

Chris Vernon Francis

Amy "Missy" Melissa Gros (Young)

Denise Simone Guidry

Grant Charles Guidry

Gretchen Claire Guidry

Tara Michelle Guidry (Arnaud)

Leslie Ann Hebert (Castro)

Joseph Charles Heintz

Denise Ann Hopkins

Michael Thomas Kinniff, Jr.

Charles Scott LaFleur

Troy Michael Lambert

Kimberly Catherine LeBlanc (Robin)

Brian David Leger

Luke Bryan Lumpkin

Kevin Patrick Marks

Zachariah Alexander Martin

Matthew McDowell

Asa Farish Moss, II

Benjamin Rufus Mouisset

James Eric Mouton

Tricia Perron (Higginbotham)

Brent Quebedeaux

Kessler Eileen Rawls

Kenneth Brian Reed

Monte Louis Richard, II

Gabriel Rene Rodriguez

Jude Schexnayder

Brandy Le Scrantz (Quebedeaux)

Mary Elizabeth Sisley (Butler)

Isaac Joseph Stevens

William Keith Vidrine

Darin Michael Wallace

Michelle Marie Wiltz

Jennifer Ann Zaunbrecher (Lagneaux)


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TCH's 37th school year

TCH's 34th graduation class


School Name: Teurlings Catholic High School

Grades: 7-12 but 7th & 8th were actually considered part of St. Genevieve School

Enrollment: 226 (grades 9 - 12)

Principal: Mr. Bruce Baudier

Development Director: Ms. Candace Townsend

Chaplain: Rev. Tom Voorhies




Christine Angelle - Secretary

Joyce Danenburg - Receptionist

Jody Pousson - Fiscal Officer

Ella Richard - Teacher's Aide

Toni Dueitt - Librarian

Rodney Ledoux - Guidance Counselor



Leslie Bacilla - English II, Advanced Composition, Speech I

Heidi Baudoin - English I, II, Psychology

Tammy Bernard - Computer Literacy, Typing I, Recordkeeping

Sonny Charpentier - Civics, P.E., Athletic P.E.

Dona Dugas -  Biology I, II, ILP

Michelle Hebert - ILP

Pam Hebert - Yearbook, Art I, II

Marty Heintz - American History, World History

Donette LaFleur - Calculus, Trigonometry, Geometry (Joined TCH midyear)

Jamie LaFleur - Physical Science, Athletic P.E.

Bobby Lagrange - Algebra II, Physics, Advanced Math

Sandra Lagrange - English I, III

Joanne LeJeune - Religion I, II, III

Charlotte Menard - P.E., Physical Science

Debbie Mills - Biology I, Chemistry

Stacy Monceaux - French I, II

Gary Perkins - Algebra I, Athletic P.E.

Anna Proctor - Religion III, IV

Mary Johnson - Cafeteria

Lula Mouton - Cafeteria

Delta Juneau - Cafeteria

Emily Richard - Cafeteria

Louelle Senegal - Cafeteria

Morris St. Julien - Custodian

Tony Harris - Custodian











Student Council President: Mary Sisley

Student Council:

Brandi White - Vice-President

Dawn Stutes - Treasurer

Alyce Trouille - Corresponding Secretary

Rebecca White - Recording Secretary






Homecoming Queen: Mary Sisley     

Homecoming Court:

Paige Domengeaux (Senior)

Missy Gros (Senior)

Leslie Hebert (Senior)

Denise Hopkins (Senior)

Misty Briley (Senior)

Jennifer Babineaux (Junior)

Bridget Dauphin (Junior)

Keri Melancon (Junior)

Shamra Menard (Junior)

Ashley Dupuy (Sophomore)

Shannon Gerard (Sophomore)







Fall Varsity Cheerleaders:

Missy Gros (Senior)

Misty Briley (Senior)

Paige Domengeaux (Senior)

Mary Sisley (Senior)

Jennifer Babineaux (Junior)

Dawn Broussard (Junior)

Lori Meagher (Junior)

Shamra Menard (Junior)

Ashley Dupuy (Sophomore)

Mitra Melancon (Sophomore)

Shannon Gerard (Sophomore)

Nicole Romagosa (Sophomore)






Tricia Perron (Senior), Jennifer Babineaux (Junior), Candyce Gaudin (Sophomore), Leslie Domingue (Sophomore), Denise Green (Sophomore),

Jaime Hammer (Sophomore), Cher Guidry (Freshman), Dawn Maisel (Freshman), Jessica Wilkinson (Freshman), Andrea Joubert (Freshman),

Natalie Shabanah (Freshman), Amy Breaux (Freshman), Stephanie LaGrange (Freshman), Joy Couvillion (Freshman), Sadie Frederick (Freshman),

Kerri Hebert (Freshman), Rachel Dore (Freshman), Angele Arceneaux (Freshman), Natalie Womack (Freshman), Kathy Heintz (Freshman)


Rebel Revue:

Erin Broussard (Captain), Leslie Hebert (Co-captain), Jayna Clark (Sr. Lieutenant), Tara Guidry (Sr. Lieutenant),

Jennifer Zaunbrecher (Sr. Lieutenant), Kim Dronet (Junior), Rachel Thibodeaux (Junior), Monica Castille (Junior),

Danielle Gauthier (Sophomore), Jennifer Hamilton (Sophomore), Jill Simon (Sophomore), Michelle Quibodeaux (Sophomore)





Sweetheart Dance:


Mr. TCH: Tommy Kinniff        

Miss TCH: Mary Sisley

Mr. TCH 1st Runner-up: Joe Heintz

Miss TCH 1st Runner-up: Denise Hopkins

Mr. TCH 2nd Runner-up: Troy Lambert

Miss TCH 2nd Runner-up: Misty Briley

Beta Club Sweethearts: Lori Meagher & Joe Heintz

National Honor Society Sweethearts: Will Vidrine & Claire Breaux

Key Club Sweethearts: Brad Womack & Amy Bearb

Speech Squad Sweethearts: Danielle Olson & Paul Vercher

Yearbook Sweethearts: Jayna Clark & Gabe Rodriguez

Student Council Sweethearts: Misty Briley & Tommy Kinniff

Quiz Bowl Sweethearts: Jason Freeman & Denise Guidry

Cheerleader Sweethearts: Mary Sisley & Matt McDowell

Rebel Revue Sweethearts: Erin Broussard & Cy Olivier






Senior Sweethearts: Kenny Reed & Denise Hopkins

Junior Sweethearts: Keri Melancon & Jake Delhomme

Sophomore Sweethearts: Ashley Dupuy & Brooks Badeaux

Freshman Sweethearts: Trent Stelly & Cher Guidry

Mr. Senior: Kenny Reed        

Miss Senior: Denise Hopkins

Mr. Senior 1st Runner-up: Joe Heintz

Miss Senior 1st Runner-up: Mary Sisley

Mr. Senior 2nd Runner-up: Matt McDowell

Miss Senior 2nd Runner-up: Leslie Hebert

Most Athletic: Denise Hopkins & Troy Lambert

Most Likely to Succeed: Will Vidrine & Denise Guidry

Most Witty: Shelly Wiltz & Jude Schexnayder

Most Spirited: Misty Briley & Ben Mouisset

Most Handsome: Kenny Reed

Most Feminine: Paige Domengeaux & Mary Sisley

Most Talented: Tara Guidry & Brent Quebedeaux





Rebels of the Month:

Denise Hopkins (September)

Joe Heintz (October)

Denise Guidry (November)

Claire Breaux (December)

Tommy Kinniff (January)

Troy Lambert (February)

Misty Briley (March)

Mary Sisley (April)

Leslie Hebert (May)






Top Honor Graduates:  Denise Hopkins, Clair Breaux


Rebel of the Year: Denise Hopkins







Class Quotes:


What is your favorite sport and why?

Football - it's a man's sport. (Joe Heintz)


What is the best peice of artwork you've ever done?

A drawing of myself as a baby. (Andree Arceneaux)


Happiness is winning a baseball state championship in 1992. (Kyle Dugas)


What is your favorite weekend outing?

A canoeing trip. (Shelly Wiltz)


What is your favorite saying?

Happiness; all pursue it. Few have it. None can sustain it. (Monte Richard)


What kind of clothes do you like to wear?

GAP, Girbaud (Scott Crochet)


What is your favorite cologne?

Obsession for men. (Lee Bares)





Football 1991

Head Coach: Gary Perkins

District: 7-A

Record: 6-5

District Record: 3-2

1991 District 7-A Wildcard



TCH Score Opponent Opp. Score













at North Vermilion

Sacred Heart - Ville Platte

at Notre Dame

Lake Arthur

at Vermilion Catholic (District)

Gueydan (District)

at Hanson (District)

Central Catholic - Morgan City (District) Homecoming

at Delcambre (District)        Double Overtime

Playoff at Boothville - Venice