Class of 1983




Gary Alleman

Lisa Arceneaux (Allemand)

David Armentor

Joseph Ashy

Frank Barber

Jason Barras

Tonie Baudin (Papadakes)

Phillip William Benezech

Michelle Bordelon (Landry)

Kevin Boudreaux

Joey Boulet

Faye Bourque (Camel)

Kevin Brasseaux

Elizabeth Ann Breaux

John Breaux

Bryan Broussard

James Broussard

Terrel Clay Broussard

Elena Calais (Parker)

Jeanne Callier

Sandra Camardelle (Kling)

Clint Campbell

Karen Comeaux (Barber)

Charles Cunningham

Janet David (Marks)

Diane Danenberg (Harvey)

Steven Deshotels

Michele Domas

Todd James Domingue

Susan Domingues (Badon)

Pamela Doucet (Crowson)

Carl Dugas

David Duhon

Tina Foley (Wicker)

Ritchey Garrett

Michelle Gautreaux (Hebert)

Mary Ellen Gilley (Romero)

Michelle Guidry (Frederick)

Connie Hebert

Jay Hebert

Jed Hebert

Rickey Hebert

Lori Heggins

Noel Henry

Shawn Herpin

Darla Ann Hillyard

Tim Hird

Antoinette Hollier

Debbie Huval

Kevin Huval

Nicky Inzerella

Karen Janise (Blakemore)

Kathleen Jokerst (Hebert)

Jean Junius

Michelle Landry (Angelle)

Cecil Lotief

Alisa Matt (Fontenot)

Eric Matthieu

Susan Mayeux (LaBorde)

Melissa Meche (Croft)

Keith Melancon

Kevin Miguez

Marion Naquin (Boudreaux)

Gingi O'Brien (Lockhart)

Karen Patin

Chad Peltier

Mark Proctor

Bryan Racca

Billy Reed

Roddy Richard

Charles Robin

Ramona Romero (Breaux)

Terrel Romero

John Roy

Lawrence Roy

Denise Saint Marie (Hebert)

Virginia Scales (Hackman)

Jody Simon

Beth Smith (Bergez)

Tina Stoutes (Thibodeaux)

Charles Tauzin

Troy Thevis

Herman Thibodeaux

Kelvin Thibodeaux

Nelson Villaroel

Robert Thomas Wolfe

Robin Zerangue (Sylvester)


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TCH's 28th school year

TCH's 25th graduation class

Grades: 7-12

Enrollment: 464 -

87 Seniors, 60 Juniors, 88 Sophomores, 89 Freshmen, 70 Eighth, 70 Seventh




Principal: Mr. George Laird

Jack Dale Delhomme - Vice Principal

Sr. Blandina Paul -

Guidance Counselor

Pam Angelle -

English II, III, Psychology

Carol Anderson - Librarian

Gayla Barrett - English I, II

Tommy Badon - World Geography

Sr. Mary Jane Bell -

Biology, Chemistry

Kathlee Cooksey - Math 7th, 8th

Toni Dueitt -

Economics, Current Events

Dona Dugas -

Physical Science, Physiology, Physics

Pat Flannigan - Honorary Faculty

Bobby Green - P.E.

Laura Guidry - Sociology, Religion

Donna Guy - P.E.


Phyllis Hargroder - Religion

Theda Harrington -

Social Studies (Substitute)

Cynthia Harris - Algebra, Adv. Math

Steve Huter - P.E.

Lance Kimball - 7th & 8th History

Lila Lawrence - English

Albert Karre - English (Not Pictured)

Peggy LaDoux - Substitute

James Malin -

Math, Computer Science

Genny Melancon -

Shorthand, General Business, Typing

Sheila Mier - Science 7th, 8th

Betty Mouton - Religion II, III

Lois Nemetz - Drama, Debate


Fr. Louis Richard

Anne Roger - P.E.

Lynden Sartain - 7th & 8th English


Sr. Dorothy Seigrist - Religion IV

Karol Spedale - Amer. History, Civics

Pam Womack -

Office Practice, Accounting, Typing

Elizabeth Diaz Villaroel -

Math, Algebra

Margaret Viator - Secretary

Joyce Danenberg - Bookkeeper


Bernice Angelle - Cafeteria

Barbara Knickerson - Cafeteria

Celesta Dean - Cafeteria

Theresa Boudreaux - Cafeteria

Mary Johnson - Cafeteria

Mr. Howard Harris - Custodian

Mrs. Howard Harris - Custodian



































Student Council President:

Roddy Richard


Student Council:

Michelle Gautreaux - Vice President

Jay Hebert - Treasurer

Beth Smith - Corresponding Secretary

Gingi O'Brien - Recording Secretary





















Homecoming Queen:

Sandra Camardelle


Homecoming Court:

Faye Bourque - 1st Maid (Senior)

Pam Doucet - 2nd Maid (Senior)

Jeanne Callier (Senior)

Denise St. Marie (Senior)

Gingi O'Brien (Senior)

Michelle Badon (Junior)

Leah Castille (Junior)

Marie Lotief (Junior)















Sandra Camardelle - Head Cheerleader

Michelle Badon

Faye Bourque

Jeanne Callier

Susan Domingues

Pam Doucet

Bridgette Hernandez

Gingi O'Brien

Pam Stoutes

Terri Tauzin









Homecoming Cheerleaders:

Becky Lopez

Tracie Bellot

Charles Robin

Diane Danenberg

Tim Hird

Bridgette Hernandez

Joetta Domingue

Pam Stoutes

Mary Gilley

Terri Tauzin








Mr. TCH: Roddy Richard (1st Runner-up: Kevin Boudreaux, 2nd Runner-up: Frank Barber)

Miss TCH: Sandra Camardelle (1st Runner-up: Pam Doucet, 2nd Runner-up: Denise Ste. Marie)

Mr. Senior: Jay Hebert (1st Runner-up: Kevin Boudreaux, 2nd Runner-up: Frank Barber & Roddy Richard)

Miss Senior: Sandra Camardelle (1st Runner-up: Pam Doucet, 2nd Runner-up: Denise Ste. Marie)

Most Athletic: Kevin Boudreaux

Most Feminine: Debbie Huval

Most Handsome:

Most Witty: Mona Romero & Terrel Broussard

Most Spirited: Frank Barber & Pam Doucet

Most Successful: Michelle Gautreaux & Roddy Richard

Most Talented: Steve Deshotels & Elena Calais





Top Ten Honor Graduates

1. Virginia Scales, 2. Michelle Gautreaux, 3. Pam Doucet, 4. Beth Smith, 5. Terrell Romero,

6. Michelle Guidry, 7. Kevin Huval, 8. Mary Gilley, 9. Tina Foley & Steve Deshotels, 10. Kevin Brasseaux & Roddy Richard


Valedictorian: Virginia Scales


Salutatorian: Michelle Gautreaux





Football 1982

Head Coach: Bobby Greene

District: 8-AA

Record: 11-1

District Record: 7-0

1982 District 8-AA Champions

Undefeated in Regular Season and UNSCORED on until 2nd round of Playoffs!

Regular Season Total - TCH (364 points), Opponents (0 points)!


TCH Score Opponent Opp. Score













at Breaux Bridge


Vermilion Catholic

at Loreauville (District)

Jeanerette (District)

at Notre Dame (District)

Erath (District)

at Catholic - New Iberia (District)

Kaplan (District)

at St. Thomas More (District)

Playoffs Brusly

Playoffs at John Curtis